Step by step guide on how to install ng-cdbangular


Before you begin, make sure you have Angular CLI and Node.js LTS installed (Angular 15 requires Node.js version ^14.20 or higher).

To install Contrast Design Bootstrap Angular (Free) in your project, type the command below in your terminal.

Install NG-CDBAngular

Step 1: Create a new Angular App using Angular CLI

ng new <appname>

Answer the questions that show up to get your application initialized.

Step 2: Navigate to app's directory

cd <appname>

Step 3: Install ng-cdbangular using npm or yarn

npm install --save ng-cdbangular


yarn add ng-cdbangular

Step 4: Add Contrast Design Bootstrap styles to the angular.json file

"styles": [

Step 4: Launch your app

ng serve -o

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