Rapidly Build and Prototype websites
using a drag and drop Tailwind CSS page builder

Create stunning websites and prototypes using a tailwind website builder built with development in mind. Easily create a lanidng, product, About us, contact page website or prototype in minutes using 200+ editable tailwind template blocks you can put together in any form you wish.

Windframe gives you the ability to build tailwindcss websites using a drag and drop interface with immeasurable customization options.

Numerous Tailwindcss blocks to build with using a drag and drop editor

Windframe features a large collection of beautiful already built tailwindcss blocks which you can customize in any way you want using an intuitive drag and drop editor.

Preview Components

Edit and update website content easily

Projects and websites built on windframe can be saved and easily updated anytime. This makes the process more intutitve and not requiring you to edit the code of your website each time you want to make an update or edit. You can easily export your updated project or website when you are done.


Built with tailwindcss

Windframe was built with tailwinds, allowing you to edit using tailwinds classes and generates the HTML code for your template/website with well written tailwindcss classes instantly

Tailwindcss pre built blocks

Windframe features a wide range of pre built blocks which will be regularly updated with new blocks. This blocks can be customized in almost anyway you want with the help of all the different properties available for customization on windframe

Drag and Drop Editor

Drag blocks from the components directory into the canvas them into a website in any order you want

Immeasurable customizations

Customize almost any element of a block to your own taste with the help of numerous customizable properties available for every element and tailwindcss classes

Export your designs

Export the designs you have created on windframe into well written and understandable code to use for any other purposes on other projects or host on a live server

Preview your designs

Windframe supports a preview that lets you see what your designs will look like when hosted on a server. Giving you the ability to test for characteristics such as mobile responsiveness.

Save and edit your website content online

Windframe gives you the ability to edit and customize your website content visually online. So you dont need a CMS. Once you are done, you can easily export and publish your updated website

Create multiple websites and prototypes

With windframe you can create multiple websites prototypes and compare them over time. Prototype different versions of a wbsite design and share it within the team to get feedback using Windframe

Easily Clone designed blocks

Dont start your design all over again from scratch. Easily clone any block of design and reuse it in other parts of your design

Built with web developers in mind

Windframe was built with web developers in mind. Website builders are usually not known to be developer friendly but we have created windframe all while thinking about increasing the developers productivity instead of limiting them. Easily edit any element using tailwind css classes that you are familiar with. Use the layers tab to see how your components stack together

As a backend, fullstack or frontend developer you can easily use windframe to prototype any project and export your code when done.


Built for the modern designer.

Windframe was also built to be designer friendly. A lot of the design decisions were made by looking at some of the most popular design tools (figma and photoshop). This was to make the design experience more natural. As a designer using windframe you will be able to deliver well writren code for the designs you created which can be used anywhere.

Create the perfect webpage you visualized in 5 minutes.

Windframe allows you to create beautiful, stunning templates and webpages in record time with very minimal effort.

Customize endlessly, Preview and Export Templates

Customize pre built blocks to match your brand with a numerous selection of customizable properties. Preview the template/ webpage you created and export the code when you are satisfied with what you have designed.

Create or prototype a website using a drag and drop builder

Start building your website