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Angular Bootstrap Collapse

Angular Bootstrap Collapse is a component which toggles content. Useful for grouping great amount of texts and/or graphics into expanding and collapsing items.

Contrast Angular Bootstrap Collapse is used to show and hide content. Buttons or anchors are used as triggers that are mapped to specific elements you toggle. Collapsing an element will animate the height from its current value to 0.

Importing the Contrast Angular Bootstrap Collapse Module

To use the Contrast Angular Bootstrap Collapse component in your project you need to import CollapseModule.

import {CollapseModule } from 'cdbangular';

Default Collapse

Angular Bootstrap Collapse Default

<CDBBtn color="primary" style="margin-bottom: 1rem" (click)="content.toggleCollapse()">
<CDBCollapse #content="cdbCollapse">
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sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum

Opened Collapse

Angular Bootstrap Collapse Opened

<CDBBtn color="secondary" style="margin-bottom: 1rem" (click)="content2.toggleCollapse()">
<CDBCollapse #content2="cdbCollapse" [isOpen]=true>
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Dolor harum, molestias ducimus dolorem,
ipsa asperiores sequi quaerat quidem non eius facere vitae pariatur at voluptatibus sint blanditiis
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This section will build on your information about the props you get to use with the Contrast Angular Bootstrap Collapse component. You will find out what these props do, their default values, and how you would use them in your code.

API Reference: Contrast Collapse Bootstrap Inputs

The table below lists other prop options of the CDBCollapse component.

classStringAdds custom classesclass="myClass"
delayNumber or Object{show: 350, hide: 350}Defines how many milliseconds the open/close event are delayeddelay={show: 3000, hide: 7000}
navbarBooleanfalseAdds navbar-collapse bootstrap class to class name propertynavbar=true
isOpenBooleanDefines if accordion is opened or closedisOpen=true
onOpenedfunctionDefines the function which fires when Accordion has openedonOpened={yourFunction}
onClosedfunctionDefines the function which fires when Accordion has closedonClosed={yourFunction}

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