Bootstrap 5 Multiselect

Bootstrap 5 Multiselect is a Contrast Design component that allows you to control how a user chooses numerous options available in a record. it is mostly used in forms, menus and surveys.

It allows navigation through options by using the and arrow keys, and to choose the required option by using the key.

Basic Multiselect

To use Contrast Bootstrap 5 Multiselect in your project, use the multiselect class.

The Multiselect method in the CDB targets the element with the multiselect class.

The options array represents values of options to be displayed in the multiselect component, while the multiple prop accepts a Boolean value which allows multiple selection of options, when set to true. The icon prop specifies which icon should appear in your multiselect, and the placeholder property gives a brief description of the expected value(s).

Bootstrap Multiselect Default

<span class="multiselect"></span>
<script src="../build/cdbbootstrap.js"></script>
var multiSelect1 = new CDB.MultiSelect('.multiselect', {
options: [
label: 'New York',
value: 'NY',
label: 'Washington',
value: 'WA',
label: 'California',
value: 'CA',
label: 'New Jersey',
value: 'NJ',
label: 'North Carolina',
value: 'NC',
multiple: true,
icon: 'fa fa-times',
placeholder: 'Select a State',

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