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Contrast Bootstrap Angular (Free)

Bootstrap Elegant UI Kit and reusable components for building mobile-first, responsive webistes and web apps



Seamlessly created angular reusable UI components to make your next project as beautiful.

Contrast Bootstrap is an elegant bootstrap UI kit featuring over 2000+ basic components, which can be integrated with any angular project to build mobile first, responsive and elegant websites and web apps.

  • Over 2000 components included with the admin dashboard, some of which are buttons, forms, alerts, datepickers, cards and many more.
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Contrast Bootstrap (Free) Amazing Features

Frequent Updates

Contrast Bootstrap will be updated frequently to keep everything up to date and implement fixes

Easy Installation

Contrast Bootstrap was made to be easily installable without much issues. You can get started with just the npm install ng-cdbangular command

Detailed Documentation

We have made sure to provide a detailed documentation of all that you can do with Contrast Bootstrap. Also this will be updated frequently to reflect any changes

2000+ reusable components

Contrast Bootstrap was built to have a robust set of components that can be used in any type of web project

Elegant Templates

Contrast Bootstrap also comes with a elegant templates such as the admin template which ws built with admin users in mind

Modularity and No Jquery

Contrast Bootstrap does not use jquery and all the components are isolated from each other to encourage modularity and reusability


Get Started using Contrast in 2 minutes

We packaged the Contrast Bootstrap Angular as an npm package that can be installed via npm or yarn. Which means you can get started using it by just running a single command npm install ng-cdbangular.

We have also designed a Pro version of Contrast to give you access to more features and improvements. Check it out