Contrast Bootstrap 5 UI Kit & Multipurpose Template

Bootstrap 5 Multipurpose template, UI kit to build your next landing, admin, SAAS, prelaunch, etc project with a clean, well crafted template and UI components


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Create landing pages and admin dashboards for your projects in minutes

You just have to see all the beautiful, well crafted components and templates contrast ships with

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Landing page templates

Contrast also comes bundled with landing pages and hero section templates to help you get started creating landing pages easily for different campaigns and projects

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Admin Dashboards templates

Contrast comes with admin dashboards and pages template which you can easily use to get started on your admin or web app projects.

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Robust UI components

Contrast has over 2000+ varaints of its UI components which have also been well documented to show the different ways they can be combined.

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Bootstrap 5

Contrast was developed using the latest version of Bootstrap 5 whcih makes it possible not to include jquery, thereby making usage, editing of components and template all done with Vanilla Javascript

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Pages Preview

Some well designed and developed pages that you will find in the Contrast UI kit & multipurpose template

Well Documented Components

Do more with reusable components

All our components have been well documented, showcasing the different ways the components can be combined to give different results.

View full documentation here

Remarkabale Features

Frequent Updates

Contrast will be updated frequently to keep everything up to date and implement fixes

Easy Installation

Contrast was made to be easily installable without much issues. You can get started by using the cdn which is provided in the documentation

Detailed Documentation

We have made sure to provide a detailed documentation of all that you can do with Contrast. Also this will be updated frequently to reflect any changes

2000+ UI components

Contrast was built to have a robust set of components that can be used in any type of web project

Elegant Templates

Contrast also comes with a elegant templates such as the landing and sadmin template which was built to help you get started quicker with any web project

Modularity and No Jquery

Contrast does not use jquery and all the components are isolated from each other to encourage modularity


Download Contrast

You can support Contrast by leaving a star on our github to help others discover it and spread the word. We will greatly appreciate it.

  • Full documentation
  • 2000+ Components
  • 10+ example Pages
  • Multilevel Sidebar
  • Advanced Dashboards
  • About Pages
  • Chat Page
  • Lifetime Premium Support
  • Lifetime Unlimited Updates
  • VIP Early access
  • Full documentation
  • 10000+ components
  • 25+ example pages
  • Multilevel Sidebar
  • Advanced Dashboards
  • About Pages
  • Chat Page
  • Lifetime Premium Support
  • Lifetime Unlimited Updates
  • VIP Early access
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