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Major changes to bootstrap 5


By Emmanuel Chinonso

Web Developer

The new Bootstrap 5 has been released and has seen so many changes. We will be discussing these Bootstrap 5 changes in detail here, and it's importance.

Bootstrap is the most popular front-end framework built to design modern, responsive, and dynamic interfaces for professional design web pages. Bootstrap 5 alpha is its latest version, and we are still waiting for a stable one. It was released officially on June 16, 2020.

Bootstrap 5 significant changes

New look and feel for bootstrap 5

The Bootstrap new version is coming with a new look. They have improved on their doc v4.5.0. Bootstrap doc pages are no longer full width. This helps to improve readability and allow to feel more content-like. The sidebar was also improved with a Bootstrap expandable section to enable faster navigation. A new logo is also introduced, which embodies the bold B with curly braces.

Bootstrap 5 no jQuery

jQuery has been losing its popularity as most of these modern frameworks work through the virtual DOM and not on the DOM directly, leading to much faster performance and loading speed. Bootstrap has been using jQuery for eight years now and has seen that it is much easier and efficient to discard the technology for better ones. Now bootstrap 5 have changed to vanilla JavaScript, which is far more popular.

Dropping the internet Explorer and using more CSS properties

Thanks to Bootstrap dropping the use of Internet Explorer, they have used many CSS customer properties. This allows the developer to focus more on designing their desired web page without worrying about old browser supports or more extensive projects.

Enhanced gird system

We can already see a 12 gird column in version 4 of Bootstrap. In bootstrap 5, it comes with an XXL grid which is for screens more than 1400px wide. Also, the Gutter classes were replaced with ‘g-’ utilities, much like margin/padding utilities. ‘gx-’ or ‘gy-*’ can be used to have space between your columns and rows. Additionally, columns are no longer ‘position: relative’ by default.

You can learn more from Bootstrap GitHub here.

New SVG Icon Library

Bootstrap 5 comes with awesome SVG icons which other versions don't have. Before the stable version arrives, you can now use the SVG icons for your project without checking Google for your icons.

Utility API

Utility has become a way to build apps and the web. Bootstrap has decided to include these features in the new bootstrap 5 version by introducing the API utility version. This is a step forward from the previous bootstrap 4, which introduced the global \$enable-* classes. This new API utility makes it possible to create your utility whenever you want while removing or adjusting those provided.

Updated doc.

Bootstrap have switched from their usual documentation static site Jekyll to Hugo. Bootstrap made these changes because of the slow run of Jekyll and the requirement to download ruby. Hugo has none of these problems, and these make it load the website faster.


Bootstrap is expected to release better features in their stable version and provide developers with easy access to tools needed to make your work more artists and mobile-friendly.

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