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By Emmanuel Chinonso

Web Developer

Last updated: 15 May 2024

Now that Tech is growing rapidly, it is essential to learn web development. If you are already learning web development, you must have heard of bootstrap technology, especially the latest bootstrap 5.

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is a CSS framework that functions as a responsive, mobile-first front-end web development. It is also free and open source. You might ask if you need a framework. The answer to that is no. Not really, but it helps to make your work easier and fast. And you get to avoid a lot of repetitive stuff. It is essential for both newcomers and experienced developers so you can focus on the functionality of your web or app.

Features of Bootstrap with added Bootstrap 5 new features.

With the arrival of Bootstrap 5 alpha. It opens doors to some features that make Bootstrap a leading front-end developing tool. We shall discuss the already existing features found in Bootstrap.

Easy to use

Bootstrap 5 is very easy to use as anyone with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS can use it

New look and feel for bootstrap 5

The Bootstrap new version is coming with a new look. They have improved on their doc v4.5.0. Bootstrap doc pages are no longer full-width. This helps to improve readability and allows you to feel more content-like. The sidebar was also enhanced with a Bootstrap expandable section to enable faster navigation. A new logo is also introduced, which embodies the bold B with curly braces.

Responsive features

Bootstrap's responsive features allow you to have CSS adjusted to mobiles, tablets, and desktops.


Bootstrap is very mobile friendly as its version 3 focuses on that.

Simple Integration

It is simple to integrate Bootstrap and other platforms and frameworks on existing sites and new ones. An element of Bootstrap can be used along with your CSS.

Bootstrap 5 no jQuery

jQuery has been losing its popularity as most of these modern frameworks work through the virtual DOM and not on the DOM directly, leading to much faster performance and loading speed. Bootstrap has been using jQuery for eight years now and has seen that it is much easier and more efficient to discard the technology for better ones. Now bootstrap 5 has changed to vanilla JavaScript, which is far more popular.

Pre-styled Components

Bootstrap has already pre-styled components for bars, alerts, dropdowns, etc.

Customizable Bootstrap

In the previous version, Bootstrap 5 extends on the Bootstrap 4 customizable docs with a more theming page with content and code snippet for building on top of Bootstrap's source sass file. The color palette was also expanded in bootstrap 5, allowing you to customize your app without leaving the codebase quickly.

Great grid system

In the new Bootstrap 5 stable version, the grid system introduces the XXL features and the already existing 12-column grid system. It also has some notable changes:

  • The gutter classes have been replaced with .g* utilities. it also comes with additional features to the gird gutter spacing.
  • Form layer options have been replaced with the new gird system.
  • Vertical spacing has been added.

Dropping the Internet Explorer and using more CSS properties

Thanks to Bootstrap dropping the use of Internet Explorer they have been able to use a lot of CSS customer properties. This allows the developer to focus more on designing their desired web page without worrying about old browser support or bigger project size.

Bundled JavaScript plugins

In Bootstrap 5 new components, JavaScript is more easily understandable, and it bridges the gap between bootstrap 4 and bootstrap 5. The toggle state that used a bulk of HTML and CSS to make the buttons plugin was also dropped. The toggle buttons are now powered by checkboxes and radio buttons which are more reliable.

Extensive list of components

Bootstrap has an extended list of components pre-styled. These include; Button Groups, Navigation Bar, Breadcrumbs, Labels & Badges, Alerts, Progress Bar, And many others.

Base styling for most HTML elements

Bootstrap provides basic styling for your HTML element. These elements include; Typography Code, Tables, Forms, Buttons, Images, and Icons.

Good documentation

Bootstrap is also known to provide excellent documentation with examples and demos, making it easy for anyone to use, even a beginner.

New SVG Icon Library

Bootstrap 4 offered no library for icons as developers were forced to use font awesome for their icons. While in In Bootstrap 5, the SVG icon library is introduced, making it possible to make your icons and use them in your projects.

Utilities API

Utilities were introduced in Bootstrap. These allowed you to control and customize the page with the global ‘\$enable-*’ classes in bootstrap 4. In Bootstrap 5, API is introduced to the utilities. These added features also allow developers to create their API or even remove or modify utilities with this API-based approach.

Contrast Design Bootstrap

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Bootstrap is expected to release better features in its stable version and provide developers with easy access to tools needed to make your work more artists and mobile-friendly.

Build modern projects using Bootstrap 5 and Contrast

Trying to create components and pages for a web app or website from scratch while maintaining a modern User interface can be very tedious. This is why we created Contrast, to help drastically reduce the amount of time we spend doing that. so we can focus on building some other aspects of the project.

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